Single (on Sampler)

“Down the Road”

from “Die Übriggebliebenen / Valley of the Leftovers & more great stuff” by Various Artists
Cosirecords Schallplatten

Saint Gallus Convention Tapes is featured on this record with the Earth-inspired instrumental jamtrack “Down the Road”. Our singer and guitarplayer Blind Joe Black also performs an interpretation of the films main theme.

“The eerily beautiful folk music hit “Köhlerliesel” (Uhlisch / Storz 1957) runs as a musical leitmotif through the anti-Heimatfilm “Die Zurückgebliebenen/Valley of the Leftovers”. Five musicians interpret the song in variations that go far beyond cover versions and ironically comment on the film scene. This creates five independent songs that are worth listening to even without the film.

In addition, the five musicians each contribute a bonus track from their own repertoire. The highly decorated filmmaker Enko Landmann (“Centerland”) assisted the directors Eike Weinreich and Alexej Hermann as musical supervisor.” (Cosirecords Schallplatten)